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USB-data saving – the procedure

For using your research results on your laptop without delay it is mandatory to save the results to an USB-drive; there is no option for floppies left.
Please remember that only those USB-devices will run properly which work without additionate driver-installation.

Please find here an exemple for the procedure using the database Beck online. Different databases offer different export-tools. This database is comfortable for printing but requires the “boring” way for saving by manually performed copy and paste. The good news: This works in (nearly) any application.

We are going to find and save the actual version of § 10e of the German Einkommenssteuergesetz:

1. The research
Please go step by step along the following

- InternetExplorer

- Favoriten

- Datenbanken

- Beck online:

- Inhalt – Gesetze-EStG… Ergebnis..
Bildschirmkopie eines Rechercherergebnisses in beck-online ©Bildschirmkopie / Ilse Tugendheim

2. Saving

- Please fit your USB-device into one of the two slots on the lower front of the NC-case. A window will be showing up to confirm that the device has been recognized succesfully.

- You may realize that your drive will not be showing up in the Windows Explorer due to security reasons, but under the “saving under” (speichern unter)-menu of the application you will be using for intermediate download; please learn more about that in the following passages.

- Please mark your document as far as you like it to be saved and choose “copy” in the browser´s menu or simply Strg+c .

- Please open the application you want to use as an intermediate tool from the desktop, in this case Word is the obvious to choose (under MS Office in the Start-Programs-menu).

- Paste the copied document (Strg + v). Now please open the saving-menu at “Datei” and “Speichern unter”, name the document to your liking and choose as the saving location to your free choice
  • the Desktop (in the case you want to save several documents first for later examination)
  • Laufwerk U: where you find your USB-storage announced

    speichern-unter-www ©modifizierte Bildschirmkopie / Ilse Tugendheim

    Give an ok (ja) and the document will be transferred to your USB. At first log out from the server and then you can put out the stick or cable out of the slot with no further worries
  • In the case you saved documents to the desktop and do not want to keep them accessable by other users:
    Shut down the NC with the green main button or perform a complete restart of the NC if you may be so kind to prepare the NC for the following user.
    Important: To get the desktop completely refreshed please wait about one minute between shutting down and firing up again