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Computers in the Reading Room


The network-computers in the library´s reading room allow you

  • to explore the local media-catalog OPAC (incl. distant loaning service at KOBV)
  • to perform research by the internet - public domain resources as well as those databases exclusively offered within the intranet of the University
  • to work on and export the result of your research in the OPAC or internet
    • by Office-programs
    • auf Netzwerkdrucker
    • per email
    • by mobile USB-storage media (USB stick, USB-drive) at the vertical housed NC-type only; please follow the link above for detailed instructions.

Please note: The above complete package is offered only by the modern USB-type-NC, which you recognize by small vertical housings and applied flatscreens. The older type by CRTs only offer access to the electronic catalog, neither to any of the office-programs nor internet .

Multifunctional USB-NC

This type provides full access to all the above mentioned services. You are welcome to use the green shut-down/fire-up-knob for reset or starting up. For successful reset please wait one minute after shutting down. Please notice that any printing of documents, prepared outside the NCs, can only be done by transfer from usb-storage media; there is no option for floppies.

Use of private laptops
ou are welcome to use your laptops in the library. Via WLAN you have – after an initial registration - access to inter- and intranet including databases etc. This time the WLAN-area covers the main building incl. the library of course, the Gräfin-Dönhoff-building, the Auditorium Maximum and the areas between these buildings. Feel free to use the mains at the tables in the library to run your laptop. In the time coming there will be a few tables in the newspaper-area, where sockets for fixed cable internet-access will provide stable and improved data-transfer. For those with some knowledge of German please find the registration details for WLAN-access at For those unfamiliar with German please contact Mr. Schacher at or in his office room 071 in the main building, he will be happy to be of service.

please find detailed and illustrated introductions behind the above links; it is highly recommended to read these sections to get exactly the results you are looking for.

Any questions left are welcome to be answered at our information desks any time, respectively by mail to .
Any hints for improving the primer-section are welcome at