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Use email to export research results

You may use your email-account to store research-results for further use, be it at home be it by working with
your laptop in one of the WLAN-access zones of the University where you can check your Emails mobile.

There are three options for email- data-export:

  1. OPAC- research for example offers an software-based export routine. Look here for an illustrated OPAC-research-and Email-sample. To read about this routine is recommended in any way for you may want to learn how to create a titles´ list.
  2. In any case where an export-routine is lacking or seems unconvenient you may create an office-document, save it to the desktop of the NC and send that document as an attachment out of the office-program. Look here for an illustrated export routine by MS Word.
  3. You may as well directly save Internet-documents/internet-sites to the desktop by using the “save under”-menu of the browser. The procedure for email-export is the same as described in the sample at Nr. 2 from the point “saving to desktop” on.

Demo of an OPAC reseach-and-Email-export-routine:
You may want to fill your actual list of used literature for your written task by titles of, well, let´s choose: Cassese, Antonio (famous expert of International and human rights law btw).
Click on OPAC, click next to the British flag on the right side of the page to get the English version of the electronic catalog (please don´t be surprised: for whatever reason the translation in the English version is not complete and there seems to be no way for us to cure this at the moment) .
Fill “Cassese” in the author´s field.
Please choose those titles from the resulting list from which you want to keep the data by clicking to “in Merkliste” (one of those terms not translated, meaning list of interest) right hand from each title. This has to be done title by title!
No please go to “list of interest” in the menu on top of the window. After clicking you will see now a “temporary list of interest” in the center.
To transform this list into the final list ready for export you may mark each title again or go to “select all titles” from the options-menu on the left side of the page.
Now the list is consistent and the last step is to fill in your email adress into the field below “send list of interest” in the options-menu, choose a subject if you like and click on “GO”. Now the list find be transmitted as an Email-attachment to the given adress.

Please remind : It is important not to forget that you have to double-select the chosen titles, first in the research-list and second in the temporary list.
It may seem unconvenient but there is no way to shorten this procedure, especially there is no way to directly select all titles in the very first research list for export!

Demo of an Email-export of a newly created office-document:

  1. Create a document by opening MS word from the desktop of the NC or by going to the Start-menu/Programme/Office-list. Copy and paste your research results.
    Save now the document to the desktop by using the “Datei/Speichern unter/”-menu.
  2. Open your Email-program (maybe your University account using Webmail), compose a new mail with your adress in the sender-heading and create an attachment by choosing your document from the desktop. Click “send” and: enjoy!

    Please remind: If you prefer that your document should be canceled from the desktop please push the green Start up/Shut down-button to shut down the NC. Please take care that the NC will not be started again before about one minute´s time. Now after the next start the desktop will be clean again.