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Printing documents at the network-printer

network printer in the third floor at 31 / PI

To get your research results or any office-documents from the NCs printed your (only) way to go is to use the network printing device in the third floor. Any type of NC is suitable for creating a print job.

You may want to print:

  • results of database research at the NCs
    • directly out of the browser/database menus or
    • out of any office programme you may have used to create the document
  • any documents created on any private PC/laptop (be it a thesis f.e.) to enjoy the advantage of excellent print quality. Please keep in mind that those documents created externally have to be saved to an USB-storage device and can only be printed from an USB-equipped NC.

Please note that the user interface of the network printer is only in German, so please look carefully at the illustrations following.

To illustrate the procedure please find explained in the following how to print research results copied into a MS Word document,
in this case our task were to print the valid version of § 10 e of the German Einkommenssteuergesetz:

I. Find any NC

  1. Research in Beck online, find the document by simple search/ § 10e EStG
  2. Please mask the document as far as it is of your special interest and copy the selection.
  3. Open an empty word-document and paste your research result.
  4. Now please open the printing dialog at “Datei – Drucken”; the network-printer will be presented as the valid printing device.
    Please click OK .
  5. Mandatory: To recognize your print job please remember the time when creating the print job and the number of the NC you used; you will find the device number right in front of the NC-housing.

Printing from USB-device: If you have your document ready to print on your USB-data-storage just open f.e. Word and go on with Nr. 4 above. For further introduction to the use of USB-storages please read here.

To create print jobs directly out of the browser-menu (web-sites/web based data-bases) you may use the print-menu of the browser. Success depends on from the configuration of the web-source. The database Juris f.e. does offer both options to save and to print directly. In other cases you may find yourself limited to print only the actual frame directly. Those are the cases where to have to choose the way illustrated above – to save to an intermediate office-document by copy and paste.

If you might encounter any problems concerning malfunctions or quality of the output – do not hesitate to contact library´s stuff at any of the information desks. We will be happy to be of service, be it to try to get the device running or to communicate for a refund with the operating company.