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Information skills training

The media society and the continuing trend towards information overload in everyday life means that strategies are needed in order to cope with the overwhelming amount of information that is available. The workshops offered by the University Library aim to show students how to sift through the volumes of data and information available in the different types of media in order to find the information they need. The University Library offers five modules tailored to the needs of different target groups which will point you in the right direction in your search for information. Please make use of these opportunities to hone your information skills.

Module 1a: Introduction to using the library, primarily for students of Cultural Studies and Economics
Module 1b: Courses in library knowledge and information management
Module 1c: Wprowadzenie do użytkowania biblioteki

Module 2: How to find literature in the library - Useful tips for OPAC searches

Module 3: How to obtain literature that is not available at the University Library, giving special consideration to document delivery services

Module 4: Databases available at the University Library and using the Internet as a source of information

Module 5: Introduction to academic studies for first year law students using the resources available at the University Library to prepare for the first written assignment, in two parts

Module 6: Information skills training for schools



Modules 2 to 6 are only available at the beginning of the winter semester.