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Subject specialist librarians

The subject specialist librarians are responsible for sourcing literature for the various subject areas. They can provide information on how to find literature for particular assignments, provide introductions to important specialist bibliographies, including those in electronic media, and organise access to the specialist holdings of other libraries. Students are therefore particularly advised to contact the subject specialist librarian for their field before embarking on major assignments. The Specialist Advice Section of the University Library is currently organised by subject area as follows: 


Subject areas Subject specialist libarian> Room Tel.
  Dr. Hans-Gerd Happel 253 5534-3250
Law, philosophy, theology Hans-Jürgen Hertz - Eichenrode 267


Social sciences, art, music, communication studies Renate Berthold 268 5534-3395
Economics, mathematics, computer studies, the sciences, technology, medicine Dr. Henning Klauß 265 5534-3397
Language and literature studies, Slavonic studies, history Margret Blömer

257 5534-3224