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Location numbers and collections held by the academic staff

The location numbers illustrate the location of a book. It's the first part of the shelfmark.
The two-digit location number stands for the reading-room collection. To find these books please use our guidance system or the layout of the reading room.
The three-figure location numbers indicate to books in the offices of the staff members of the university. Items  of this collections you are able to request directly from the secretariats or via the information desk.
In the stacks are the books with location numbers combined of letters and numbers (e.g. aa3500/, ha2100/, ia0261/). These books can be requested via OPAC or the information desk (zm.../- media are only available at the information desk).
CD-ROMs have the location number "ua.../". Please ask the librarian on the issue desk.
Our textbook collection "18/..." is in the basement. There you find publications of the EDZ (European documentation centre) with the location number "ea.../" and the textbook collection for the examination candidates "19/..." too.
The holdings of the university archive you are only able to inspect there (not to borrow).
Here a list of the location numbers and the numbers of the collections held by the academic staff in German.