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The shelfmark shows you the exact position of a book. The first part of the shelfmark is the location number. Two-digit location numbers indicate a location of the book in the reading-room (List of location numbers in German). Books with three-figure location numbers are in the offices of the staff-members of the university, items with six-digit location numbers in our stacks.
The second part (two letters and some numbers) of the shelfmark is the classification (Regensburger Verbundklassifikation), which causes the shelving of the books. And the third part specifies the exact location on the shelf within this classification.
Sometimes these parts are followed by e.g. "-3" for a third volume of a multipart item; a number in parentheses e.g. "(8)" for a eighth edition or e.g. "+4" for the forth copy.
For example: The shelfmark 18/QP 120 G983 -1(24) +2 means:
18 = two-digit location number for the textbook collection in the basement
QP 120 = classification (Business economics, over-all illustrations)
G983 = short code for author or title
-1 = 1st volume
(24) = 24th edition
+2 = 2nd copy of this edition