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Rules and Regulations

Special rules of the Karl Dedecius Archive of the European University Viadrina in the Library of Collegium Polonicum in Slubice

Ankerversion of 17 october 2002

I. Preliminary Provisions
II. Lending of archival materials
III. Using archival materials
IV. Final provisions

I. Preliminary Provisions


The collections of the Karl Dedecius Archive may be used free of charge for research and scholarly, literary and journalistic work.

Fees are charged for special services, such as copying, photography and the use of copies and photographs.


Information about the archive's opening hours, current prices for copies and photographs, as well as usage policies and fees for iconographic materials can be found in the appendix.


Users are asked to inform the Archives in advance, in writing, of their expected length of stay and the materials to be used.


Every user is obliged to register in the Archives. In order to use the archival collection, it is necessary to fill in the application form of the user of the archival resource, specify the purpose of work and present the identity card or passport. The user fills in the application form and signs it.


Library cards of the University Library or Collegium Polonicum Library are obligatory. If a card is not available, one will be issued. Regulations of the University Library are applied.


Every time a user enters a reading room he is obliged to register in the users' book. Every time the user leaves the reading room it should be marked in the book with an appropriate entry.


If the user arrives for several days, the Archives staff should be informed at least on the eve of departure when the work will be completed.


A reverse must be filled out for each archival unit and submitted to the Archives.


Materials, manuscripts, letters, etc. from living persons may be released only with the permission of that person. This also applies in cases where the addressee of the letter is a living person. Permission must be submitted to the Archives in writing.


The Archive provides oral and written information on the basis of the collection and catalog, as far as the workflow and personnel situation allow.


The Archive shall not be liable for damages resulting from improper, incomplete, omitted or delayed performance of services.


II. Lending of archival materials


Only those archival units that are necessary for the work on the subject specified in the application and that have been requested by completing the reversion will be issued.


Doctoral students and undergraduates intending to use archival materials in their master's theses, diplomas, or dissertations should submit a recommendation from an academic instructor


Access to parts of the collection and individual archival units (particularly valuable materials, damaged materials, etc.) is restricted.


For working with archival materials, users have cabins at their disposal, located in the library of Collegium Polonicum. The user obtains the key to a cabin from the librarian on duty at the library counter after filling in the appropriate application form.


The user is obliged to lock the cabin, even if leaving it for a moment. Before leaving the reading room the user should give the key to the librarian on duty. (Collegium Polonicum Library Regulations, Appendix 4).


Materials may be in the booth until 3:45 p.m. The booth key, as well as all borrowed materials, must be returned intact to the Archives employee. The Archives staff employee will check the condition and quantity of returned materials in the user's presence.


III. Use of archival materials


Borrowed materials should be handled with particular care. They should be returned in the order they were received. These materials are usually unique, so special care should be taken to ensure that all manuscripts and prints are used only in the designated cabins.


The user is obliged to immediately report any damage or defects in the loaned archival materials to an employee of the Archive. If no such report is made, it is assumed that the user has received the materials intact.


It is forbidden to: take out, underline, cross out, erase, cut out, photograph, etc. Materials may not be taken out of the reading room in the library of Collegium Polonicum. The return of materials is acknowledged by handing the user a copy of the reverse receipt by an Archive employee.


The use of pens, markers and felt-tip pens is forbidden (pencils may be borrowed from the library counter).


The following are also prohibited: placing notes, remarks, and marks on archival materials, making notes on paper placed directly on archival materials, putting books back on borrowed materials, touching decorations of books from the archival collection, and making breaks in the text (rubbing the spine of the book, water stains on the paper).


Forcibly unraveling tightly stapled volumes should be abandoned, as well as inserting written pages and objects of any kind between archival materials.


The original order of the pages cannot be changed, even if it is determined to be incorrect (comments regarding errors in the description or ordering of pages should be reported to Archives staff).


Permission to use archival collections does not constitute permission to publish them. Use of archival materials in publications requires permission from the Archive. This applies both to publication of original materials and their fragments in the form of quotations. The application for permission to publish must be submitted on the form provided for this purpose. The obligation to obtain permission extends to publication in all types of media, including electronic data storage media and the Web. In the event of an offence against this provision, the user may be banned from using the archive collection. Further claims may be made against the user, in particular claims for damages. In the case of copyrighted archival material, the request for permission to publish must be accompanied by the permission of the authorized person (author/creator, his heirs, or other successors and right holders). The user assumes full personal responsibility for preserving these rights.


After the publication of a work based on archival materials, the user is obligated to immediately send one free copy to the European University Viadrina. This also applies to reprints and later editions.


In all kinds of publications, the European University Viadrina should be mentioned as the owner of the archives.


Requests for reproductions of archival materials should be made on the form provided at the library counter.


By granting permission to copy or publish archival materials, the Archive does not forfeit the right to independently alter the materials in any form or to authorize use by others.


Mechanical reproduction of archival materials (taking photographs, making copies, etc.) is subject to restrictions. The complete reproduction of manuscripts and letter series which are larger in volume is prohibited. In exceptional cases, such as the editing of collected works, separate permission will be granted.


IV. Final provisions


In certain cases, the use of archival materials may be subject to special conditions. These include, but are not limited to: displaying archival materials and loaning them out for exhibition; editing and facsimile editing of manuscripts; using particularly valuable collections, as well as collections of prints and photographs; making and reproducing photographs and copies by the user or upon the user's commission for profit; ordering archival collections to make reprint matrices. In these and other cases, not named in the Library Rules and Special Rules, the user must communicate with the Archive.


The special regulations of the Karl Dedecius Archive are in effect after being published in the University Official Gazette.

Dr. Hans-Gerd Happel
Director of the University Library