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Accessing and updating your user account

You can access your user account in OPAC at any time, even from outside the university, by clicking on “Account” or “Log in”. After entering your user number and your password you will be able to check the current status of your user account, in other words view your current loans, orders and reservations as well as any fees or fines. You can also renew media and cancel reservations on-line.

By selecting “Renew media” in the sub-account “Loans” you can renew all the media on your account at the same time. Renewable media will be renewed automatically. Renewal of non-renewable media will be refused and the reason indicated.

Cancelling reservations
Select the medium you no longer require in the sub-account “Reservations” and click on the button “Cancel reservation”. The cancellation will be confirmed and the medium deleted from your list of reservations.

For data protection reasons, you should log off of your user account when you have finished using it by clicking on the “Log off” button.