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Padlocks for lockers

No outdoor garments, (non-transparent) bags, umbrellas or similar items may be taken into the Reading Room of the library. Lockers are available for storing such items and are located just outside the library. Students will need to bring their own padlocks for the lockers.
The University Library requests all locker users to purchase a burglar-proof and functional padlock in their own interest.

When purchasing a padlock, please note the following:

  • Choose a good-quality lock by a well-known lock manufacturer that will ensure that the lock cannot be opened using someone else’s key. Cheap locks can sometimes be opened with several other keys (belonging to someone else).

  • The padlock shackle must have a diameter of between 5.5 mm and 6 mm.

  • The shackle legs must be at least 2 cm in length.