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How to order books from the library per Online Ordering

To balance the currently limited access to the reading room especially to those students completing exams as of now any University member can use the Online Odering Service to loan books without entering the reading room. This service does not include media which are not for regular loan (any media labeled accordingly in the OPAC, i.e. media with red dots, periodicals, encyclopedias).

Please register with your 11 digit user number on your students- or employee-card. To identify the medium you want to order please name to name author, title and the complete shelfmark including its local area code in front (two digit number like f.e. 31/… ).

Please allow about one day for executing the order. You will be notified per mail, when the media are ready for loan at the library’s service desk in the basement for one week after notification. The books remain reserved for one week. To loan those orders you can visit the library without prior announcement.