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Basic functions of the network computers (NCs)

Foto eines multifunktionalen Netzwerkcomputers mit U S B-Anschluss

NC with flatscreen and USB

The illustration above shows two different types of NCs which offer access to the local media-catalog OPAC (as the only function of the NCs without USB) and additionately any Internet- and Intranet-Services including databases and Email in the reading room of the library ( provided by the USB-flatscreen-type).

To use USB-drives (sticks or as well multi-GB-mobile storages) simply put the end of the USB-cable into one of the slots in the front of the NC-housing.

Important: Please check before starting your research whether your USB-device has been recognized properly; the short message you usually get after connecting your device to the NC is not significant! To be sure please check your drive by opening one of your files on your device with one of the appropriate Office-programs. Generally: Only those USB-devices will run which work without any additional driver-installation. In the case your device might fail please feel free to loan one of the USB-storages at the information desks in the library.

The configuration of the driveless NCs is dedicated to give you uncomplicated and reliable performance of the services of the library. You do not have to worry about malfunctions by malpractice within the given normal use. Just for the record - please strictly avoid to touch or manipulate the connections of the NC and its peripherical tools.
Please notice that in order to support smoothly running performance the right mouse-button is not active. As well the download of self-extracting programs will not work.

The following instructions are valid for both types of NCs.
The only difference in handling is due to the USB-facilities of the newer vertical housed type.

The NCs run all day. If you find an NC with black screen it may be in standby-mode, so please first try to simply push any button of the keyboard and the screen should come to life.
In the case that the NC has been shut down by the former user please push the green combined Start/Shut-down-button. After a few moments the startup will be performed and the desktop will be at your disposal.
Please shut down the NC as well if you want to find any data deleted which have been saved to the desktop.

Please as well perform a restart by pushing the green button twice (first for shut down, second for start up) if you encounter any malperformance any time. If the malfunction might prevail please be so kind to inform our information desk, best by naming the number of the NC in front of its case. Before performing a restart try to save any data you find of worth, for after a restart the data might be lost. If you still have files saved to the desktop an immediate performance of startup after the shutdown should keep the desktop in the former state; the internal configuration is set to one minute´s time after shutting down before the complete refreshment is performed by the following start-up.

End of personalized OPAC-sessions

To end a personalized OPAC-session (a session using your personal password-account) it is completely sufficient, but highly recommended to close the browser used and make sure that it won´t be started for about one minute
Concerning the use of private laptops please find the necessary instructions here.

please find detailed and illustrated introductions behind the above links; it is highly recommended to read this section to get exactly the results you are looking for.